DO NOT RESIST is an urgent documentary that explores the militarization of local police departments- in their tactics, training, and acquisition of equipment- since 9/11.

The number of SWAT raids have grown from approximately 3,000 annually in the 1980s to around 50,000 in 2014.

Dr. Peter Kraska, Professor of Justice at Eastern Kentucky University

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American citizens had $5.1 billion of assets seized from law enforcement in 2014.

Watch a SWAT raid that results in money being seized for simple possession of marijuana.

  • This film uses documentary to go deep into a world with a cinematic experience. We were excited by the directorial debut of a cinematographer who already has created a great body of work. Do Not Resist shines a light on the frightening story of the militarization of the police. In an impactful way the director uses his amazing access to look at power and force from the inside.
    Tribeca Grand Jury 2016
    Tribeca Film Festival

"You are men and women of violence. Violence is your tool."

Watch the number one law enforcement trainer Dave Grossman teach a class of local law enforcement- one of the 200 he teaches each year.