“The parameters of homeland security are chillingly assessed”

“Atkinson shrewdly lets his subjects do the talking”

LA Times

“A troubling portrait emerges, which is all the more interesting considering that first-time documentarian Craig Atkinson is the son of a police officer who served on a SWAT team for more than a decade”


“This film that uses documentary to go deep into a world with a cinematic experience. We were excited by the directorial debut of a cinematographer who already has created a great body of work. Do Not Resist shines a light on the frightening story of the militarization of the police. In an impactful way the director uses his amazing access to look at power and force from the inside.”

2016 Tribeca JurorsLaura Poitras, Doug Tirola and Roger Ross Wiliams

“An eye-opening experience”

The New Yorker

“Must we always bring the full force of what we are capable of? The film’s subtle vérité style doesn’t provide an answer so much as illustrate a reality.”


“A snapshot of an infuriating disconnect between power players and disenfranchised targets”

– IndieWire


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